A unique service

We do not in fact change the oil in your car, but nonetheless we pay special attention to the subject of your car!

Energy has unfortunately become so expensive that it is an increasingly important component of the overall costs of a company or private household. The costs of mobility have been especially affected by the latter. Driving a car has become a luxury, and should therefore be considered in detail from a fiscal and economic perspective.

So that, also in this field, we do not only look at the previous year, where we can no longer change anything, but we offer you a service of a special kind.

We will be happy to calculate for you whether it is more expedient for you to buy your next car in cash, obtain finance or hire one. We can tell you which car is the optimum one for you, and what kind of car you can actually afford. We can even inform you on which models from which manufacturers come into consideration for you, and will then be happy to supply you with the relevant test reports. We know what the resale opportunities are, as well as the ongoing expenses and susceptibility to repairs. We can assess whether “conventional luxury” is better for you, or a new car of the compact class. Any questions you may have about the famous “1% rule” in the case of private use of a company vehicle, or alternatively keeping a driver’s logbook, are answered by us just as reliably in regard to your personal situation.

In that regard, we are certainly more objective than your local car dealer – to whom we will be happy, by the way, to accompany you if you need to enter into any purchase negotiations or trade in your old car. Of course we also handle all the other areas in which we are involved in giving advice just as thoroughly.