A quite unique service

If you do not come to us, then we just come to you!

A further point that clearly distinguishes us from other tax consultants is our extraordinary mobility.

And that applies not only to the partners at our firm, but also our employees. At your request, we simply come to you, quickly and equipped with the technology that is needed on site. Our Mobile Tax Consultant is available to our team without limitation at any time. It is a special vehicle, that is only there in order to be there for our clients!

Our employees will come to you and work at your premises. That means that your accounting is significantly more up to date, and thus more valuable. All the documentation required is and remains with you, can be directly discussed, and enables communication between client and tax consultant to be entirely free of any hindrances.

Important concerns and analyses are immediately clarified at a personal meeting!

Our quite special service for you, which speeds up the collaboration considerably, although our Mobile Tax Consultant only does 160 kilometres per hour.